Explore The Omniconscious


According to Psychology studies, the mind could be divided into three systems: the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious mind. Each of them fulfils a specific purpose, allowing the human brain to function normally, building our sense of individuality, constructing our perception of reality and, y'know, all that confusing stuff.

But what if 'Conscious', 'Subconscious' and 'Unconscious' were more than just terms coined by Psychology experts?

What if they were entirely tangible, quantifiable things?

What if they were alternate realities full of exotic planets, wild life forms, time travel and action-packed adventures?

Read on to explore the Omniconscious, the universe of Comatose.

What is the Omniconscious?

In Comatose, the universe has a name, and that is Omniconscious. The Omniconscious houses every reality and possibility imaginable. It consists of three essential layers:

The Unconscious Realm: The outermost layer of the Omniconscious. An infinite number of parallel dimensions and the source of all possible realities in the universe.

The Conscious Realm: The definitive version of reality - the one point where all Unconscious dimensions converge, this realm looks and feels like the real world we live in.

The Subconscious Realm: The innermost layer of the Omniconscious, containing residual information from the Conscious. This realm is home to each person's deepest and sometimes darkest fantasies.

The main protagonist Jack Phoenix and his friends inhabit the Conscious, where every person lives out their life completely oblivious of the grand scheme of the universe. What does it mean for Jack then, if reality is changing before his very eyes? How does it affect his state of mind, and how will his mind cope with what's to come?

The Phoenix Education System

Location: Virturia City

Realm: Conscious

The economic capital Virturia enforces its own education system, widely considered both the best and the toughest in the country. Driven by the fast pace and competitiveness of Virturian society, parents do everything in their power to ensure that their children achieve academic excellence, top qualification and eventually secure well-paying jobs at Virturia-based conglomerates. This mentality puts immense pressure on students as young as 12 years old.

Robert Phoenix, founder and CEO of Phoenix Corp., sees the education sector as a super-profit opportunity and thus establishes Phoenix Education, promoting the philosophy of "Equal Opportunities for All". Over time, however, the Phoenix Education brand is given the label "fast-food education for dropouts" for being one of the only systems in Virturia that accept students with lower academic entry levels.

While some scoff at the mention of Phoenix as an educational establishment, others see it as a masterstroke by Robert Phoenix and his board of management in being able to attract customers with spending powers and spoiled children - striking new business partnerships and scoring lucrative deals in the process.

The Phoenix Education system is divided into three levels:

Phoenix Junior Academy: Unlike other junior high schools in Virturia where children are enrolled at the age of 12, the Phoenix Junior admission age is 14. Younger students transfer from other schools or reserve their places on the waitlist, while older students need to redo their last two years of junior education. The school believes in refocusing students on skills development and preparing them for the future as early as possible.

Phoenix Senior Academy: After 2 years at Phoenix Junior, 16-year-olds go on to two additional years of pre-college studies. Student management at Phoenix Senior is handled in a similar fashion to other high school systems while its curricula and assessment are structured as closely to college level as possible in order to prepare students for the final stretch of their academic life.

Phoenix College: Easily the most diverse higher education institution in Virturia, offering a wide variety of courses spanning many fields. The college believes in work-based learning and employability, always training their students to seek success in more ways than through academic excellence alone.

The protagonist Jack Phoenix and his friends are in their final year at Phoenix Senior at the beginning of Comatose.