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Chapter 0.1: Jack's Daily Life

Jack Phoenix wakes up and realizes certain things seem to have changed overnight.

Chapter 0.2: Last Friday

Jack recalls the events leading up to the bruise on his face.

Chapter 0.3: Prelude to a Showdown?

Jack and Chris run into trouble on their way to the pub.

Chapter 0.4: Celebratory Drinks

Finally, Jack, Joey and Chris manage to have their get-together session.

Chapter 0.5: Last Friday, Revisited

The events leading up to the bruise on Jack's face, according to Chris and Joey.

Chapter 0.6: Joey Is...

Jack spends some alone time to come to terms with the things he's just learned.

Chapter 0.7: What's The Plan?

The first arc of Comatose comes to an end with a twist.

Volume 0 Bonus Content

Bonus content for Volume 0, including character profiles, sketches and details on Volume 1.

Chapter 1.1: Reality Basics

Traveler walks Joey Prime through the mechanics of the Omniconscious.

Chapter 1.2: Escape

Jack, Traveler and Joey Prime struggle with security issues.

Chapter 1.3: Escape, Part 2

Joey Prime's new-found power is put to the test as Traveler looks for a way out of the killbox. Meanwhile, Jack takes a trip down the memory lane.

Chapter 1.4: Welcome to the Unconscious

Having escaped from the clutches of Jack's inner demons, Traveler and Joey Prime find themselves on an alternate Earth's starship, in what would be their first Unconscious adventure.

Chapter 1.5: Familiar Faces

As Traveler and Joey Prime get ready for their first Unconscious mission, familiar faces from Jack's Conscious turn up.

Chapter 1.6: Welcome Party

Traveler's mysterious plans begins to unfold as Haven nears her fated meeting with the Explorer.

Chapter 1.7: The Party Crashers

Traveler infiltrates the Explorer in a stolen Haven vessel and swiftly makes his moves against opposing soldiers. Meanwhile, Joey Prime gets ready to face Commander Jane Kelly.

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