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Jack Phoenix leads a tumultuous life, gets bullied at school and struggles with his own adolescent issues. Haunted by painful memories of his past, Jack wallows in his own fears and solitude. However, the nightmares truly begin when Jack notices that reality seems to be slowly changing around him.

'Reality' in Comatose is a flimsy and relative concept, dictated by the universe - or the Omniconscious. But how exactly does the Omniconscious work, and what are its rules?

▼ How it all began

Comatose is a story that just happened.

My friends John, Jamie and I hung out one normal night in September 2011. The three of us sat inside a bathtub of all places to have a good old chat. Y'know, random conversation, puns, stuff like that. Then we started discussing all sorts of topics. Big ones. From perceptions of reality, the concepts of good and evil, life and death, possibilities, probability, time travel, alternate dimensions-- you name it.

At one point, John said to me 'Dude. You could totally make a comic out of this.' 'Why the hell not?' I thought to myself. I started sketching characters as we continued to toss ideas back and forth. In the end, Jamie and John became the main source of characterization for my main characters (whose names are Jack and Joey respectively).

And that's how Comatose began.

Since its conception, the Comatose universe (now called the Omniconscious) has evolved greatly. The characters have grown from simple caricatures based on people I know into unique identities of their own. However, I believe that buddy session in 2011 was the crucial first step. It was pure inspiration and I was simply at the right place and time to grab it as it hits. That doesn't happen every day

This comic is also an extension of myself. I want to address certain themes, ask certain questions, express certain opinions, raise some eyebrows and perhaps offer some new perspectives to readers. And if my readers are thoroughly entertained, that's a plus.

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About the author

Wally Nguyen is a university English teacher by day, comicbook artist by night.

Lover of art-house movies, odd experimental music, tea and crumpets and his beautiful wife Rachelle.

Currently battling (his own) poverty.

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